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These are the nails which which include 3D effects which involves layers of acrylic it is quite famous among these generation and today everyone is applying bubble nails by using different different methods and it changes the style who’s the way we use nail arts these nails are very sensitive and we need to take care of them and play are very sensitive and required special care and during maintaining these nails there are so many acrylic layers which can go intense if regular maintenance is not your thing then it will be harder for you to maintain your nails when paint them with some nice colors so if you are ready to struggle these challenges and want to have double nails you really need to  take care of them.

There are many bubble looks which you can try or look into ;

Jewels on jewels: Bubble Nails

This includes some parts of jewellery like some petals or some small shiny products on your nails and which makes them look bubbly when you can apply any other colours which you want to try.

Luscious Lemon: Bubble Nails

These nails includes lemon like look or bubble like look which includes peels of lemons and they are yellowish colour which can make your nails look different in which enhances your looks.

GREEN GODESS: Bubble Nails

These types of mail includes bubbles bubbles of nails which contains green colour or hump nails which are the greenish in colour and which can add some stunning effect to your nails.

BIGG KISS: Bubble Nails

These includes nails which has hump like effect with a kiss on the nail or the kiss like structure on the nails some different effects like colour mixture and which has a grace.

Bubble Nails
Class of Bubble Nails


Mini bubbles like structures on the nails and have some different , structures which are very unique and have very classy look on the nails (Bubble Nails).


These nails includes hump like nails which are very attractive because they are in different colour on different nails which shows they are attractive and they are very attention grabbing.


These includes nails which are having hump of chochlate and it is very attractive but you need to take care of it as they are very sensitive for handling and we are often asked for taking care of these nails.

These nails can be created at home and for that you need a bulesky gel polish and these effects can be created by placing soap bubbles on the nails at the end of manicure and after applying a thin layer of bluesky gel you have to wait for 60 secoonds under bluesky lamp and after that you can easily choose the gel colour and make you nail look more attractive for that you need to follow the full process of applying the bubble nails and wait for the results as these nails are very delicate for that you need to be very carefull and cautious and prepared for this type of nail art.

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