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Katy Perry is well-known for changing existing the fashion world with her own distinct style. She has been seen in the past with some amazing nail art designs to commemorate each special occasion. On the North American leg of Witness: The Tour, she was seen with the most stunning, yet simple tiger’s eye nails done with magnetic nail polish.

The captivating look, which includes a shimmery stripe that curves across each nail, is inspired by the tiger’s eye gemstone and was created with polish and magnets. The technique starts with a standard black manicure. Her nail artist then tops it with nail polish in an iridescent pink shade. She then manipulates the pink polish into the center of the nail with two small magnets, resulting in a thin curved line.

They’re purple and orange, then blue and pink, then green…all it’s a trick of the light!’ Katy states. With #tigerseyenail on social media, she has undoubtedly started a new nail art trend or revived an old one. You can also participate in this trend by experimenting with different variations of nail polish art.

Once you’ve mastered the magnetic nail polish, it’s a breeze to create stunning designs like these!

Use magnetic nail polish to keep things simple!

A simple tiger’s eye or cat’s eye effect achieved with nail polish is very popular. For a different look, try it on different backgrounds!

Use nail art stamping to add effects to your magnetic nail polish!

Make fun nail art variations by using stamping tools and magnetic nail polishes as a base. The outcome will astound you!

Have some fun with water marbling with magnetic nail polish!

Are you tired of your regular marbled nails? Take nail polish to the next level by creating a marbled effect with these colorful wonders.

Topcoats on magnetic nail polish can be used to create a magical effect!

You can create some of the magical effects on your magnetic nail polishes by using different topcoats. Glitter away or keep it matte!

Magnetic Nail Polish
Class of Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic polish was used to create the striking effect!

If the stroking effect of regular nail polish bores you, try magnetic polish.

Magnetic accent nails!

Is just wearing nail polish on your nails too boring? To bring out the nail polish, add a detailed nail art to your accent nail. You can make something similar to these or something inspired by the polish!

Magnetic polish was used to create a patterned effect!

You can make different patterns on your magnetic nail polish by using different magnets and techniques. It may appear time consuming at first, but once you get the hang of it, creating various patterns is rather simple and enjoyable!

  • Magnetic nail is an excellent tool for experimenting with nail designs.
  • The polish contains iron particles that can be moved around with a magnetic tool.
  • The cat-eye effect refers to the appearance of a band of concentrated light running across the nail.
  • Simply apply the polish over a base coat and hold one or two magnets for 10 seconds over the wet polish.
  • The magnet attracts the iron particles in the polish, revealing fascinating designs.

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