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Miku Izayoi: Intro

Miku Izayoi is a character from the Date A Live franchise, who is one of the lead heroines of the animated series. She is also a spirit and idol . In the Date A Live II , she is portrayed as an antagonist. She attends Rindoji Girls’ Academy , she was displayed in the real world in the March and then around April she was shifted to Rindoji Girls’ Academy. In the series she is very popular and works as a famous idol singer . She  is also known by her  codename which is a Diva. Her voice is dubbed in Japanese version by Minori Chihara , and the English version of the series is dubbed by Jax Saxton .

Miku absolutely despises men, to that extend, when Shido wanted to interact with Miku , he had to dress up like girls. Gabriel is the angel of Miku, and Miku has an ability to manipulate and brainwash people, when Shido was not affected by Miku ability to hypnotize people , she gained interest in him and want to know undercover Shido , that why she challenged him to a contest , and kept a condition that if he lost it , he has to shift to Rindouji. The challenge was about earning the title of  the best school , in which one has to sing , eventually Miku won the contest, but the title of the best school gone to the Raizen High School , which provoked Miku , and she summon her angel Gabriel and attacked on Shido.

Appearance: Miku Izayoi

Miku Izayoi is a beautiful, there’s no doubt in the that. She has curvy body with smooth and lustrous skin which is properly taken care. Her hair is in purple bluish colour and her eyes colour is indigo . Talking about her attire, she wears starlike yellow dress which has ruffles in blue and white colour covering several parts of the dress. In the hair she accessorises it with a yellow-coloured moon hair clip which has flower petal connected to the cures of the moon. She wears choker as a neck piece  which has a white lily flower on it.

Miku Izayoi
Best of Miku Izayoi

When she attends school, she wears her school uniform which is in a deep blue colour looks like sailors’ outfit with a same yellow moon hair clip which she carries with her starlike yellow dress .


Miku absolutely hates men and consider girls as her servant who fits to serve her , this was the reason she was transferred to the girl’s school , named Rindouji all girls private academy . In her past life, where people who were her fans (male) blamed her for scandals which she never did, and mentally tortured her which provoked her to commit suicide . She doesn’t like women also, she  considers them as replaceable servant , doesn’t care if they died , she thinks that they should be happy to die for her .

She is very flirtatious, she flirts with Shido and other women who are her type , she is very straight and blunt about it. After making out with Shido , she doesn’t care and flirt both Shido and other spirits .

Shido describes Miku persona as very childish , even after finding our Shido’s true gender and Miku even wanted to kill him but eventually admitted her liking for him and even she was a famous idol she doesn’t care and calls him darling publicly often .

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