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Monkey D. Dragon, known as the “World’s Worst Criminal,” is the notorious Supreme Commander (総司令官 Sōshireikan?) of the Revolutionary Army, which has been trying to destabilise the World Government. He is the father of Monkey D. Luffy. Garp, both of whom were born in the Goa Kingdom. He was also accountable for rescuing Sabo’s life after he nearly sank as a result of a World Noble attack, ultimately making the boy his second-in-command.

Dragon first appeared in the Loguetown Arc, where he assisted Luffy in escaping Marine captain Smoker’s clutches. Dragon has appeared as an interesting background character on several occasions since then.

Monkey D. Dragon: Appearance

Dragon is a tall middle-aged man with spiky black hair and a widow’s peak, as well as a tattoo on the left side of his face in the anime & bright red in the manga. He has some scruff on his chin. He is generally attired in a long green cloak with the orange garb of a revolutionary underneath. He is frequently seen with a grin on his face. Dragon has only been seen without a smile on rare times, such as at Roger’s execution.

Dragon did not have his tattoo or facial hair on his face at the action of Gol D. Rogers 22 years well before the beginning of the series.

Monkey D. Dragon: Personality

Dragon, as the chief of the Revolutionary Army, is committed to deconstructing the World Government and its dishonest nobility system, which enables World Nobles to persecute lower-class residents as they see fit.

Dragon is frequently represented as severe and business-minded, and he takes good care to stay up to date on world events & teach his subordinates on relevant things and events in current events. Dragon is intensely private about his self life & background, as he didn’t disclose to anybody in the Revolutionary Army that he was Garp’s child or Luffy’s father, and once closed down an attempt by Ivankov to inquire if he had family elsewhere.

Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon: Everything to know!

He also cares about his army’s members and other people, as evidenced by his question to Koala about Nico Robin’s well-being.   Emporio Ivankov anticipated Dragon to go to Marineford to save Ace when he thought Portgas D. Ace was Dragon’s son, demonstrating Dragon’s care and love for his family and potentially his son, Luffy, even after not being engaged in his early life.

Capabilities and Strengths: Monkey D. Dragon

As Commander And chief of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon wields the most control over a powerful, globally operating paramilitary that has quickly risen to become a serious risk to the vast, centuries-old World Government. Dragon’s actions have earned him the title of “World’s Worst Criminal,” but regardless of the fact that the world’s most powerful forces are after him, he has continued to survive a relatively safe existence. While his personal combat skills are mostly unclear, he can control incredibly powerful army officials such as his chief-of-staff Sabo and the 5 commanders, all of whom have been displayed fighting and defeating prominent pirates & Marines in the Grand Line.

Differences Between Anime and Manga

In the anime, Ivankov inquired about Dragon’s whereabouts, to which he responded that he had been attending the World Noble’s reception ceremony on Dawn Island. Once Ivankov asks angrily why he wasn’t invited, Dragon tells him that he drew too much exposure.

While the manga has yet to show Dragon’s combat skills, a sneak peak of them was shown in Episode 737 during such a flashback when a young Sabo tried to attack Dragon during one practice session.

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