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Red Aesthetic: Intro

Red Aesthetic is passionate, so why not include it into your bedroom’s design to add some heat? When red and white are combined, the decor is sharpened and made more dramatic. Black generates drama while taming hues of grey. Blue and gold enliven. Your boudoir can attract a variety of stares from red, and none of them are timid. Take a look at these 51 motivational red bedroom ideas if you’ve been dreaming up ideas for a daring and bold bedroom d├ęcor scheme. Learn how to use red in a variety of settings, from bedrooms with sparse red accents to complete walls of colour saturation, furniture, bedding, and paint effects. Complement a single standout piece of furniture with a striking red accent wall. A bedroom chair by the window is given a rich red hue by this lovely embossed feature wall, which is surrounded by transparent white drapes. Take note of how the two circle lights create a rippling shape theme in the space by emulating the main wall’s circular pattern.

Red Aesthetic: A look

From the roof to the floor, let red rule. This bedroom’s colour palette begins with a solid crimson ceiling and ends with a flaming orange-red wall paint. Overlaying the paintwork and extending the colour across the light wood flooring is a headboard in a darker shade of red. The colour scheme is made cleaner with white components, and golden details. Test out several textures. Only their rich textures separate this red tufted headboard from the matching red flocked fleur de lis wallpaper. To give the effect room to breathe, a perimeter of flat white space is left around the colourful combination. Choose a pattern. Even a plain space will benefit from a coordinated colour story added by a set of red bedroom curtains and cushions in a pattern. Yet, by matching the colour of your wall paint to the pattern of your new home decor items, you may enhance their impact. Bring a sample of your fabric to the paint mixing station at your neighbourhood home improvement store for a custom match. Apply as a striking background. In this cosy bedroom of a book lover, a wall of red has been used to create a backdrop for a massive home library. The wall paint is complemented by a bright crimson bed set.


If vivid red isn’t your style, consider a gothic dark red bedroom instead. Red lighting around its elaborately ornate cornice dramatises this stunning burgundy boiserie-encased area even more. a little theatricality In the windows of a monochromatic bedroom decor, heavy, plush crimson drapes put on quite the show. They could also be utilised as a portiere in a studio or to hide the disorganised contents of a wardrobe with an open front. A bedroom wall doesn’t have to be covered entirely with red paint. Take a roll of masking tape and a spirit level to make a trendy, wacky colour block. A wall panelled in boserie or wainscot works even better. Asymmetric arrangements look best. In order to match the two-tone window treatments, the red paint effect in this bedroom has been placed loosely over the lower third of the walls. Red bedding and a bed base provide even more colour to the room’s foundation.

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