Ronald Charles Minogue: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Ronald Charles Minogue was born on 25th June in the year 1941 and the wife of Ronald Minogue is carol Minogue. His grandson is Charles shand Minogue and his grandson is james Minogue and also the ethan smith. Ronald is known to be the father of famous singers that are kylie Minogue and danni Minogue. Also he is known as a qualified accountant who is known for working in various prestigious organizations.

Ronald Married Life & Wife

Ronald is known to be a married man and his wife who is carol Ann jones and also who is known to be a professional dancer. Also, there is no disputes in the relationship till date. Also, they have 3 children together and they are making very classy together. Also they are having very much smooth for the long time. Ronald looks very good and classy together and they make very much wonderful couple and also look very good and classy together.

Celebrity Daughter

Ronald is always seen in various events and also he is seen with the daughter and also he is known to be the proud father who has successful daughters and also encourage his daughter to make decision very wisely and has wonderful picture and also shows the bond between the daughter and the father duo. Also, their daughter looks very pretty and then look good in the black dress and also with her and also look very handsome in that suit and has very loving daughter.

Kylie Minogue

The full name of kylie is Kylie Ann Minogue and also she is very well known Australian singer and the songwriter and also the very good actress and also she is known to be very famous and highest selling actress and the model. Also, she is known to rose from prominence as an actress and also plays major role as the Charles robinson and also she is known to born on 28th may 1968 and in the city Melbourne and which is situated at the Victoria in the Australia and also she has the Australian and british is known by the nationality. Also she is known for getting and also receive the title of the services which is known to be the music and also he receive the great recognition from her music services and that is sang by the queen Elizabeth II.

Danni Minogue

Danni Minogue is also singer and the songwriter. Also, Dannie is known to be the actress and media personality and also who is known to be very famous model. Also, Dannie is known to be associate and the actor who is julian mcmohan whichj is situated in 1994 and after that the couple is known to met for the year 1991. And also get the married after known for dating for the 3 yrs. Also, then ended their marriage and then divorced for the year 1995. Also they have son and also has ex-boyfriend who is Kris smith and who is known to be the former rugby player.

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