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Witchy Nail Ideas: Intro

Witch, by definition means a woman who has magical powers, especially evil ones. The witch is often seen flying on a broom stick in all the kids story. Even the appearance of a witch is very particular in some sense, witches are seen wearing long black gowns and wearing a tall conical hat which is also black in colour. They have magical powers and often experiment with potions and dust (Witchy Nail Ideas).

Witch nails are of two types in general- first one being extreme long nails and the other one which are designed as witch or with something related to witch. 

Witch nails are very long and almond shaped, which means the centres are pointed and the edges are rounded. The nails, unlike in the shows which are shown extremely long and black in colour are far more shorter and look elegant. 

Witchy Nail Ideas: Info

The second one is all about designing the nail with various tools and techniques. The basic colour pallet for witchy nails is black (obviously !) , purple, pink, sap green etc. since the witches are also associated with night, mostly all the supernatural activities happen at night so many designs reflect that. Thus, the most basic and beautiful design is painting nails black and then adding star and moons in different corners or designs on the nail. Last step is to add the top coat. 

Witchy Nail Ideas
Classical: Witchy Nail Ideas

Then the same design is refined and edited. The paint is added at different spaces and in blobs and the same sky pattern is made with stars and moon. The overall look is not spooky but very pleasant to see. 

Creative Look

To make the nail look very witchy, a tint of green is added with a little glitter and stars again. The look of the nail is a little spooky and  witchy. This is very trendy and wildly worn. 

Next is a hyper realistic nail look which is nice shading on the black nail either to look like a foggy full moon night, or a look like haunted forest, or to look like skulls and bones. 

Witchcraft also involves globes and potions to look into future and predict, or gain powers and strength of some kind. Nails are prepared with a base and then on top are drawings of potion pots and liquids. Artists also add black sparkles to give a magical affect and made it look even witchier. 

Witchy Nail Ideas
A special look and feel: Witchy Nail Ideas

There are other designs too which make use of snakes, roses and eyes , all of these look very aesthetic and spooky at some level. The witchy look is well inferred and portrayed. Even the bases are prepared in different designs and textures. The base can have a solid colour in matte or glossy finish, or the base also has gradience of two colours, or it can have glitter on it’s base. Another type of art also has 3D textures for potion pots and bats too. The pots have real coloured liquid in them. 

Witchy nails are quite in trend for goths and specially during the Halloween season. 

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