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Marathi actress Kalyani Kurale Jadhav dies in a traffic accident after being struck by a tractor in Kolhapur

On her way home late on Saturday night, Kalyani Kurale-Jadhav, who stars in the TV series “Tujyhat Jeev Rangala,” was involved in an accident at the Halondi crossing on the Sangli-Kolhapur highway.

Born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, Kalyani Jadhav rose to prominence as an actress, model, media personality, television character, businesswoman, and social media influencer. This stunning woman gained notoriety as Radha in the Marathi soap opera Tujhyat Jeev Rangala, which was a daily cleaning soap opera. She has also appeared in a few other Marathi daily soap operas. In addition to this, she owned a restaurant. Jadhav was a prominent figure in social media. On social media, she attracted hundreds of fans as well. On November 13, 2022, Kalyani reportedly died away at the age of 32.

Kalyani Jadhav’s Childhood and Age 

Kolhapur, Maharashtra, is an Indian town where Kalyani was born and reared. Using Jadhav’s Instagram page, we were able to find her birthdate, which is Wednesday, November 7, 1990. Jadhav Kalyani Kurale is her real delivery call. Kalyani Kurale Jadhav, who is kind, answers every other call.

Kalyani became 32 years old on November 13, 2022, the day of her death. Jadhav has always had a passion for acting, even as a little child. Based on her Facebook profile, we were able to ascertain that Kalyani was a student at Usharaje High School. According to a police officer on Sunday, a concrete mixer tractor in Kolhapur district struck the motorbike of a 32-year-old Marathi television star, resulting in her death.

She then earned her diploma from Kamala College at Tararani Vidyapeeth. To hone her acting skills, she also attended a Maharashtra theatre institution. After that, Kalyani started working in the recreation section.

Jadhav Kalyani Weight & Height She is a lovely girl with an excellent and cool personality, according to her physical proportions. It weighs around 55 kg and is five feet five inches tall. She is in proper fitness and has a nice frame. She or he has black hair and black eyes.

What Kalyani Is Worth? What is the value of Kalyani internet? Kalyani’s professional painting allowed her to live a comfortable life. Apart from that, her restaurant brought in a lot of money. She had been living in Kolhapur with her own family. Her estimated net worth is in the range of INR 1-2 crores.According to the official, Kalyani Kurale-Jadhav, who stars in the television series “Tujyhat Jeev Rangala,” was headed home late on Saturday night when the kalyani accident happened close to the Halondi crossing on the Sangli-Kolhapur highway.

“Upon her arrival at a local hospital, she was pronounced deceased.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act and the Indian Penal Code, a complaint has been filed against the tractor driver,” the Kolhapur police officer said.

Career Actress Kalyani has stage performances. She also started out in the acting business. Jadhav has appeared in many plays and dramas, according to assets. Apart from that, Kalyani appears in a few regular soap operas and serials.

After playing Radha in the daily cleaning soap opera Tujhyat Jeev Rangala, Jadhav rose to fame. She has made appearances in several more shows, such as Dakhancha Raja Jyotiba. Beyond that, Kalyani turned into a role model. She has also done photo shoots for some prominent Indian textile companies.

Demise Actress Kalyani reportedly passed away on November 13, 2022, at the age of 32. 

She was died in an unfortunate vehicle accident. She was driven off her three-wheeler near Kolhapur town on the Sangli-Kolhapur Road, according to the Indian Express. Jadhav’s unexpected passing shocked her friends and relatives. She become a finished actor and version.

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