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Rohit Zinjurke Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth

Young Indian social media star Rohit Zinjurke has amassed a sizable fan base on numerous social media sites because of his interesting and captivating posts. Renowned social media influencer Rohit has become a global sensation because of his inventive content creation. Millions of people follow him, and they have helped make him successful. His lip-synch videos on Instagram and TikTok went viral and received millions of views, which helped him become well-known.

Biography of Rohit Zinjurke

 NameRohit Zinjurke
Rohit Zinjurke Age26 years old
ProfessionYou Tuber, Model and Influencer
Birth Date14, November, 1996
Earnings 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs
Height 5.6 Feet
Weight56 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Martial StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendRumours about dating Nita Shilmikar
CarMarcedes Benz
DegreeB.Tech from the University of Pune
AlbumZihaeel e Miskin
Movie Appeared in Tripple Seat (Marathi Movie) in 2019.
 Zodiac signCancer
Rohit Zinjurke

Rohit’s Zinjurke Early Life

Although Rohit currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, he was born and raised in Surat, Gujarat. His academic path also brought him to the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai, where he finished his coursework. With his TikTok account, Rohit became well-known for posting entertaining videos of himself dancing, acting, and lip-syncing. But once TikTok banned him, he made adjustments and started a popular YouTube channel. He started posting vlogs about his daily life and exploring fashion-related stuff on this site.

His rising notoriety facilitated by his capacity to adjust to shifting conditions and establish a rapport with his listeners. His monthly Income in 2023 has over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, and he has collaborated with the Desi Music Factory label, making him a prominent presence in the digital realm.

His participation in social events and passion for bicycling and horseback riding further highlight his complex nature. Although information regarding his personal life is kept confidential, his rise from a lower middle-class upbringing to an internet celebrity is an incredible social media success story.

Rohit Zinjurke’s Professional Carrier

Initially, Rohit Zinjurke was a social media influencer on TikTok, where he produced interesting and captivating material that went viral fast.

Rohit Zinjurke, also known as @_rohitt_09, was a well-known user of the TikTok platform. With 267.2 million likes and hearts and 5.6 million followers on video-sharing applications, he amasses a sizable following. Millions of viewers worldwide enthralled with the creative and engaging content. His comedic routines, dancing skills, and lip-sync videos gained him notoriety.

Rohit Zinjurke

These days, he has a sizable fan base across several social media sites, including Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. He has worked with numerous well-known brands and social media influencers, and he never stops reaching new audiences. The Marathi movie “Triple Seat” with Rohit released in 2019. Although his precise income is unknown, it believed that his social media presence brings him a sizable sum of money. Sponsored postings, ads, and brand endorsements are how he makes money. One of India’s highest-paid social media influencers is Rohit.

Rohit Zinjurke’s Family

Rohit is from a lower middle-class family that is relatively small—there are just three people in his household. He resides in the same house as his mother and sister. Zinjurke’s extraordinary success can be ascribed to his devotion and excellent work ethic.

After TikTok was banned in India, he became very popular on YouTube and Instagram and started vlogging. At the moment, he has more than 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. He has also dabbled in the realm of music videos, working with the Desi Music Factory label. Please press play to enjoy his music as we continue to explore Rohit’s fascinating life story.

 Despite coming from a lower middle-class background, at the young age of 21, he has found great success on the internet. Although not much is known about Rohit’s family, he resides with his mother and sister, Rohini Zinjurke.

Rohit Zinjurke Fame, Popularity and Lifestyle

Rohit Zinjurke’s monthly Income 2023 has become well-known due to his engaging social media persona. His rise to fame started on TikTok, where he posted funny, dancing, and lip-sync videos that drew in a large following. He moved to YouTube with ease after TikTok was banned in India. There, he began vlogging about his everyday life and explored the realm of fashion material.

Rohit’s fame stems from his natural ability to engage his audience. Millions of fans adore him because of his relatable material, constant originality, and unrelenting dedication. His personal narrative, which shows how he went from being from a lower-middle-class background to becoming an internet celebrity, is an inspiration to many other budding content creators.

Rohit Zinjurke Relationship and Love Life

Regarding his dating status, Rohit Zinjurke has remained silent. He has not disclosed any information about his relationship or whether or not he is seeing anyone right now. However, rumors claim that she is seeing Nita Shilimkar. Under the Desi Song Factory label, they have produced a song video titled “Goli Maar De.”

Rohit Zinjurke

Rohit Zinjurke On Social Media

As per the website SocialBlade, Rohit Zinjurke receives over 4-5 lakh monthly income from his YouTube ad sense account. Additionally, his YouTube channel boasts over 3.34 million subscribers. He has 25 million followers on Instagram and 10 million on Takatak. He gets paid through Google AdSense and brand endorsements from various companies.

Rohit Zinjurke Net Worth

According to the report, as of 2023, Rohit Zinjurke net worth is 4 to 5 lakh per month.


Rohit Zinjurke is a popular social media influencer who became famous across the globe. Due to their relatable material with constant originality and unconditional dedication. He created his huge fan base due to the amazing content. He started getting famous through TikTok where he created huge followers that made him a globally popular star.

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